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Solve your problem - Successful treat for all burns!

Help yourself and other people, choose the best and safest. The balm (para pharmac) is semi-liquid state, based on natural elements. Treatment is easy, painless, very fast, and without beaving scars.Using the balm gives extraordinary results. Apply 4-6 times per day, i.e. as soon as burn absorbs it and gets dry.


Example: The Fourth Level Burn

Removes the disbalanced skin pigmentation after curing the pimples (acnae vulgaris). With balm M-2 (para pharmac) for 3-4 weeks face gets more white and soft young look. Neither one cosmetic preparation gives such results. You need no more make up. You could be happy, too.

The balm M-3 (para pharmac) is used for protection from UV-rays at sunbath and especially on montains.Nothing has been produced till now for that kind of use.

M-4 balm (para pharmac) is effective and reliable at closing the wounds on veins, and appling on lower leg, and the calf, stops opening the new wounds with guarantee (cruris ulcus).
Soon photos.

The balm has been approved by Institute for health protection in Niš with conclusion "Approved for use and market".

At usage balm creates sterile conditions for burns, regenerates the skin, and at sunbathing it makes a layer on skin wich protects from UV-rays.

No contraindications, and no alegic reactions.
Have confidence, and solve your problem!

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Phone: +381-18/4520-431
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